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A Joyful You Through Human Design

Joyful Spirit Massage Therapy has been dedicated to helping clients live more joyfully by helping them live a pain-free lifestyle. Now, we have expanded into actively teaching our holistic stress-free philosophy by offering Human Design sessions. Through this, we hope to help you live a more joyful life - mentally, emotionally,

and spiritually.

Human Design is one of the most accurate personality assessment tools out there. It takes a personality assessment to a whole new level by combining Eastern and Western Astrology, The I'Ching, The Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, and the Hindu Chakra System. Through this combination, it serves as a personal guide map to your own unique energy; your own beautiful design.

We are all beautifully designed, so wouldn't it be nice to see how? Wouldn't it be nice to see why we do the things we do? Feel the things we feel? Get stuck in the same patterns, good and bad?

Human Design is a wonderful way to show the beautiful energy of you, and to teach you how to stay out of the situations that may keep you from being your authentic, JOYFUL self!

Are you ready to begin?

Free Human Design Chart

Information I need for your personalized chart:

First and Last Name, Month, Day & Year of Birth, Time of Birth, City & State of Birth, and Email Address.

1 Hour Human Design Reading

In-depth interpretation of your Human Design chart focusing on your Type, Authority, and Strategy. Readings are held over the phone and are recorded for your future reference. **please provide email address**

Price: $75.00

Human Design


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