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Heather St.Clair, BA, LMBT NC6468

Owner & Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

Certified Human Design Specialist


Heather is a graduate of Queens University of Charlotte,

where she obtained a BA in 2000. 

In 2006, she graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy. She then gained a position there and taught along with her former teachers

for almost 3 years.

During and after her teaching experience, Heather branched out and created Joyful Spirit Massage Therapy where her main focus has been on Integrative Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial / Structural Therapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy.

Heather is dedicated to teaching her clients her holistic stress-free philosophy. While gaining years of treating clients' physical pain, she is now also actively helping them emotionally and spiritually as

a Certified Human Design Specialist.

Rahda Ramana (A Universe to Come)

Tulku- Fast Forward

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Heather's Appointment Hours:

Monday & Tuesday: 10AM - 6PM

Thursday & Friday: 10AM - 6PM

Saturday: 10AM - 3PM

Wednesday & Sunday: Closed

Joyful Clients:

"My experience with Joyful Spirit Massage Therapy has indeed

been a wonderful one. Whether I am having deep tissue massage

or just a full body relaxing massage I have always been

very happy with the results. I highly recommend Heather as

a massage therapist. Her techniques in massage are the

best and her knowledge of the human body and how it works

is incredible. She is always willing to talk with you before

or after the massage. It is not a get in get out experience.

Give her a try!!" - Carol

" Massage Therapy for me was like sending my body on vacation.

For 45 minutes to an hour, muscles, organs, aches, and pains take

a trip to an oasis. It is very calming, relaxing, and enjoyable and

sessions are designed based on what you need to achieve this

level (that is the 2nd best part)"-Karla

"Heather's techniques have unlocked muscular tensions that have

slowly been building up for years, which allows me to enjoy

flexibility I have not experienced in a long time.

You are the best!" - Mike

"The massage therapy is great, but Heather not only offers

the bodywork, she talks to you prior to your session. She wants

to know what areas are bothering you, what is your stress level

and why, how are you sleeping, etc. She brings my

stress/anxiety down before the massage by always being calm,

soft spoken, and cheerful."- Dale

"Joyful Spirit Massage Therapy has provided me a wonderful outlet

for the release of stress on multiple levels as well as offering a great

source of relaxation. Heather St.Clair is very skillful in

manipulating the various areas to release tension. In addition,

Ms. St.Clair offers a unique and engaging approach to

relaxing conversation which is absolutely awesome for me." -Theresa

"Heather not only treats one’s physical ailments she also

cares for your overall well being through her caring,

philosophy and spirit. She is the most skilled and personable

massage therapist I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

Whatever your body requires, from the lightest touch to the firmest manipulation, she is unparalleled in her skill and ability.

I will remain a client of hers until the day she ceases to practice."- Frank

"Heather has a calming demeanor and great massage

technique. She creates a soothing environment that

drains the stress from your body." -Ellen

"Heather treats not only your symptoms,

but you as a whole person." - Joan

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