Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage is often known as the "traditional" or "relaxation" massage. It is
one of the lighter and more nurturing modalities of massage therapy that helps relieve daily stress, tight muscles, and minor aches and
pains. It also increases circulation, improves immunity, promotes restful sleep, increases energy, and improves flexibility. 

Deep Tissue
Deep Tissue Massage is similar to Swedish but provides more pressure to reach the deep portions
of thick muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibers. By incorporating deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle, its purpose is to loosen the fibers of the
muscle and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. This is best for the client who needs help with common tension knots and tension areas.

Neuromuscular Therapy
Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is also known as Triggerpoint Myotherapy. This type of massage is most effective in treating pain patterns, postural distortions, and repetitive motion injuries. It treats specific muscles or muscle compartments that have become short-locked, thus creating pain and limited range of motion. This therapy is for clients who want to "fix" the problem and help maintain proper muscle function and posture. Excellent for conditions such as: TMJ Disorder, Plantar Fasciitis, bRotator Cuff Injuries, Tennis Elbow, Carpel Tunnel, & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure if desired.The warmth of the stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system. It is suited for the client who has deep muscle
tension, but prefers a lighter massage. This modality also helps back pain and aches, poor circulation, Osteoarthritis and Arthritis pain, Insomnia, and Depression.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage is not only designed for athletes, but also for the physically active client. It has similar techniques of  Deep Tissue Massage along with stretching and assisted range of motion
in order to help the client recover from injuries and improve performance. Sports Massage is great for moving blood and
lymph through the body, flushing metabolites out of tissues, broadening and elongating muscle fibers, and for maintaining healthy joint mobilization.  

Seated Chair Massage
Massages are given in a special massage chair with the
client seated and fully clothed. Time increments for sessions
are between 5-30 minutes. Great for social events, office breaks,
and introducing massage therapy.  Seated Massage is also
offered as a great add-in to social events or gatherings,
fund-raisers, pampering parties, as well as staff appreciation
and health fairs. Pricing for this service is based on per client o
r per hour depending on customer's needs. Regular pricing
is $1.50 per minute or $70 per hour.


Geriatric Massage
Geriatric Massage is a form of massage therapy that is specific to the needs of the elderly population. Sessions last no longer than 30 minutes, since a longer session may be too much
for the elderly client. Gentle techniques are used to help improve lymphatic flow,provide mental and physical relaxation, improve length and quality of sleep, and to reduce anxiety, Depression, and loneliness. If the client is unable to travel, this service is also offered in client's home, hospital,
or assisted living facility.

Also offering:
Foot Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Stretching Techniques,
Guided Meditation & Energy Work
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